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Saud Juman


He has acted as mentor and trusted advisor to healthcare executives, hospital and compliance professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, and many young people, spreading his philosophy on the importance of being happy and healthy in life and in your career.

Over a decade ago, Saud founded PolicyMedical, a leading healthcare and policy management software company that serves thousands of hospitals and healthcare systems worldwide, making millions of patients and healthcare workers happy and healthy every day.

Through his work and interaction with healthcare professionals over the years, Saud noticed a startling trend: many of the healthcare professionals he forged relationships were often not taking their own advice and were not taking care of their own health and wellbeing.

Most nurses, compliance officers, and general hospital and healthcare staff work under tremendous amounts of stress on a daily basis, accepting this as a natural byproduct of their job. Saud takes this notion and delves into it, helping the audience find and address their true source of pain and as a result, begin their journey towards personal healing.

Through his immersive storytelling, Saud takes his audience on a journey of self- discovery, sharing how he rose from humble beginnings, persevered in the face of adversity, and found his truth, inspiring his audience to do the same.

Like all of us life is an ongoing process and he is no expert or guru. He openly shares his ongoing challenges and struggles on stage and in his one on one sessions.

Saud is married to an incredible soul,  his wife Sheba and they are quite busy with their four wonderful kids where they reside in Ontario, Canada.