313: Be You, and Just Know That You Are Enough with Saud Juman Founder and Owner of Policymedical

Saud Juman is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, healer and accidental CEO that comes from a very unconventional entrepreneurial path. His journey led him to founding and scaling a multi-million-dollar, multi-national healthcare software organization, all while spreading his philosophy on the importance of being happy and healthy in life and in your career.  He discusses this mission along with some of the excerpts below. Listen to the full interview here.

Memorable excerpts from this interview:

On how we built the first version of our product:

“We really had to develop the product; we really didn’t know what the customer needed, so fortunately we followed our intuitive sense where we started reaching out to potential customers and they started telling us what they wanted and I started at that time asking them to send me at that time excel spreadsheets of their requirements and we literally built the first versions of our software off the requirements definitions of that spreadsheet”…

My favourite quote and its significance:

“Stay humble and you won’t crumble”

Some of my best advice for entrepreneurs and executives:

1. “Be you, and just know that you are enough”.

2.  “Business and entrepreneurship especially with partners is very close to marriage in a way, it’s almost like you’re 2 horses on a path and you’re joined and you’ve got this cart you’re carrying along which is the business, you’ve got to be checking in with each other along the way and the minute the horses start diverging with each other on different paths the cargo gets stalled”

3.  “Need vs want; I think in my mind that’s the secret to success”.

Listen to the whole interview!

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