I took time away from the business and family to tap into what the future of the company (PolicyMedical) looks like.  A true measure of success to me is seeing the company soar to new and greater heights without me.  Long after I am gone I’d love to be a cheer leader and admirer of the company that my co-founder (Josh) and I started all those years ago.


The company has reconnected to its vibrant start-up roots in recent history.  I am the only founder left and the following document really feels like a piece of my soul.  In a way its the beginning of the last and most important chapter I am to give to PolicyMedical.

I hope you enjoy the read and I welcome any questions you have about how to create such a 3 year planning document.

If you can help us realize this vision in anyway please let me know.

Click on the link below to view the Vivid Vision!

PolicyMedical Vivid Vision 2020

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