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Current Talk: Healing the Healer – How to find happiness in a high stress profession. 60-90 Minute Keynote Talk or Half Day Workshop
“A must to hear!” – Fran Feltovich, Houston Methodist

“One of the best speeches I have ever heard at a conference. Meaningful, personal, insightful. Made me reflect on who I am, where I am going and how I will take advantage of my second chance in life.”

-Tracy Fultz,
Healthcare Compliance Professional

We are all meant to achieve and contribute excellence through our gifts…

Most healthcare executives and compliance professionals complain of stress, burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed. Saud Juman is a significant part of the healthcare compliance world, but his back story to where he is now, is a story of reinvention and second chances. Saud’s story gives others the permission to rapidly change their lives to get back into alignment of why they chose to do what they do.

Saud will share insights and takeaways that will enhance the audience’s health, happiness, alignment and productivity. This talk will shed light on the benefit of practices such as mindfulness, energy management, journaling and meditation. For decades Saud has studied at the feet of some of the world’s best teachers in these disciplines and will share practical takeaways with the audience. As Saud often says, “we are all meant to achieve and contribute excellence through our gifts. My purpose is to use my gift that is on loan, to help you get to the source of your pain, because beyond that pain your gift lives.” This talk could be the catalyst to support turning high stress days into days of joy where you operate from a state of flow.

What the attendees are saying

“Engaging, insightful speaker with profound life lessons.”

Kay Chapman, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Engaging and thought-provoking. Saud encourages his listeners to look at themselves in a new light and introduces new ideas to cope with stress.”

Becca Hansen, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Saud is very engaging and pulls you into his presentation with both personal experiences and, I believe, beneficial techniques/methods.”

Kristen Eversole, Banner Health

Why your organization needs to hear Saud’s story and lessons.

  • The biggest block to an executive’s performance in our fast-paced modern world is a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  •  Low employee retention and compromised outcomes and performance plague many organizations
  • Saud is not a motivational speaker but a real-world CEO and Entrepreneur that can transform your team’s outlook with his unique message that delves into his personal experience with:
    • How to find your unique path of excellence.
    • The power of creating the right type of space in life to find the answers you are looking for.
    • Creating your own playbook and best practices for dissolving stress.
    • The wisdom of separating your work/business identity from who you truly are.

Saud’s delivers this message either in a 60-90 minute keynote talk or in a half day extensive workshop.

Saud will motivate and inspire your audience but what he is looking for is to leave the audience with subtle and practical shift as this is sustainable. He is not looking to make seemingly huge breakthroughs.

Recent Organizations Saud Has Helped to Escalate Happiness and Health