“Inspirational with relatable stories”

Erick Veazy, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Thoughtful and engaging, courage to make major changes successfully”

Elizabeth Montemayor, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Likeable, personable and sincere CEO with a passion for people”

Lisa Paige, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“I found this information to be motivating and also helpful to understand why its important to take time for yourself to reflect on your life goals”

Cindy VanEmeien, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Must go-to program”

Cathy Alexander

“Inspirational, motivating person, not your typical CEO”

Ruth Ann Santiago, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Saud shares what and how for a meaningful life work”

Jann Lara, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“One of the best speeches I have ever heard at a conference. Meaningful, personal, insightful. Made me reflect on who I am, where I am going and how I will take advantage of my second chance in life”

Tracy Fultz, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“It helped me to stop and take a moment to think about what I really want.”

Jana Durfee, Tenet Health, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Refreshingly honest.”

M. Roberts, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Motivating, an eye-opener, must listen to.”

Maria Mantilla, University of Texas Medical Branch, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Very unique approach to self-evaluation and improvement”

Alex Fuller, Alex Fuller Law

“One of the most honest and helpful speeches I have heard in many years”

Carolyn Williams, Consultant

“Quite capable of holding the attention of the audience”

Shirley Leonard, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Different, unexpected, honest, felt unscripted”

Pattie Velky, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“His talk was honest, transparent and will be a memorable experience for those who get to hear it. He is open, direct and real.”

Jennifer Ackel, West Calcasieu Cameropn Hospital, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Saud’s speech was honest and sincere – considering subject matter – not all professionals would include suicide topic”

Patricia Ann H. Ruiz, Community Health Systems, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Saud did a great job of reminding/encouraging people to find their path and move down it in order to work towards health and happiness”

Audrey E. Coaxum, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“An engaging presentation that helps those working in stressful environments [by showing them their] ability to find their inner peace”

Millie Johnson, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Biggest takeaway was to do more of the things you want.”

Jeff Giusti, Texas Children’s Hospital

“Relaxing and thought-provoking”

Heidi Lopez, Houston Methodist, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Engaging, tapped into my sleeping giant within. I can do ANYTHING”

Laquette Lewis, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Informative, interactive, fun and sensible. Biggest takeaways were relaxation teaching and inspiring stories.”

Christy Warner, Sweeny Hospital

“Engaging, insightful speaker with profound life lessons.”

Kay Chapman, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Engaging and thought-provoking. Saud encourages his listeners to look at themselves in a new light and introduces new ideas to cope with stress.”

Becca Hansen, Healthcare Compliance Professional

“Saud is very engaging and pulls you into his presentation with both personal experiences and, I believe, beneficial techniques/methods.”

Kristen Eversole, Banner Health

I love Saud! He is a great speaker who delivers an important message about healing healers. As bureaucracy sucks the life out of our healthcare system and healthcare professionals become administrators as much as healers, Saud reminds us of why someone becomes a healthcare professional in the first place – to be a healer. He helps you get back in touch with that vision of yourself.

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Jeff Dennis, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

I would easily recommend Saud to anyone looking for advice or mentorship in the North American Healthcare industry. Saud’s presence is uplifting, inspiring and enlightening. He speaks with grace and style, getting his message across to the entire audience. Saud would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing one-of-a-kind speaker!

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Christian Brum, Business Development Lead, Exvivo

Saud is candid and clear with his guidance – often drawing from his personal experiences, which are invariably embedded within interestingly narrated stories. During my time as Saud’s mentee, I have been able to better align my thoughts around career success and happiness and, in turn, have found more clarity and direction in my career journey.

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Asim Hussain, M.Sc., CFA, Director, Siemens Financial Services and Owner, Anytime Fitness Angus

Saud has a way to captivate the audience with his knowledge, experience and his story. He does this not by being flashy, but by being genuine, honest and open with the audience. This is what usually causes the line to form to talk to him after he has done the presentation. Any panel/keynote with Saud as a speaker is where I’d like to be in the audience for.

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Najeeb Khan, Founder, 1FORhunger, 2014 Top 45 Emerging Innovator