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In his more than 20-year career as a business owner and entrepreneur, Saud Juman has worked   through every possible business challenge in a variety of industries — from designing unique products, developing new markets, creating corporate culture plans, recruiting and building a world class team, navigating through significant growth, change, and executing a highly successful exit.  

Saud himself has grown, run and sold a multi-national business called PolicyMedical Inc. that developed numerous hospital data management systems trusted by over 3000 healthcare organizations. As a result, Saud knows and understands what founders and CEOs face on a daily basis.

“They often are not as connected or aligned to the “why” of their business as they once were. They lack clarity to work on the three tenets of a successful business — product, people and processes. As a result, the business may not be growing as rapidly or efficiently as they would really like,” says Saud.

At the beginning, Saud ran PolicyMedical Inc. from his mother’s basement while he developed and perfected its proprietary product, Policy Manager, and also pounded the pavement for sales. Saud landed his first client, the Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh New York. Thus, began a ripple effect to thousands of other hospitals in the U.S.

Saud worked through plenty of challenges, such as a business divorce with his co-founder, and the restarting of the company to turn it into a high growth venture. Saud successfully grew and expanded PolicyMedical’s products and services into a self-sustainable and highly sought-after business, which he sold in 2018 to Susquehanna Growth Equity.

Saud is a professional speaker and seminar leader. Saud has been on the board of the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation since 2017.

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Saud is now sharing his expertise coaching others. In fact, he has developed a special process called “Energy for Entrepreneurs”, to help business leaders fully re-align with their energy to heal and grow their business. 

“We regularly need to tap into the “creative well” that fueled our passion to start the business, and I want to help other businesses do so in order to create their most audacious venture,” says Saud.


Saud grew up in Scarborough where he soon discovered his gift for entrepreneurship. For instance, when public funding was cut for local basketball leagues, Saud convinced his neighbourhood Mosque to convert a small gym for that purpose. In order to ensure that everyone could afford to play, Saud also canvassed local sponsorship and raised money to allow underpriviledged newcomers to be able to play in the new league.

At York University where he earned a BA in administrative studies, Saud started The Guyanese Social Club. It became the most profitable club at the university and raised thousands of dollars to offer scholarships and host field trips.  

At the beginning of his career, Saud worked in sales in the tech sector. Wanting more than a job, his desire was to have a strong impact on society. Therefore, he took some time off to reflect and became drawn to the healthcare industry.

Originally, he worked for a startup where he got the idea to design a more efficient hospital management tool, something that did not exist at the time. In 2001, Saud started his own company.  


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