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This page is dedicated to a unit in entrepreneurship for kids, that has been inspired by many different sources. One person in particular that stimulated the creativity to put this together is Eboni David who is an extremely talented and dedicated teacher in Toronto. Thank you so much for providing the guidance and template to put this together Eboni.

There are 3 easy steps to complete the unit:

***This unit is applicable to any child over five years old.***

1. The first step is to download and print the unit from here:

Self-Isolation Kid Entrepreneurship Unit_Saud Juman_2020

2a. View the live webinar recording that will give deeper context and instruction on how to complete the unit and launch your child’s business. This recording should be viewed after reading the downloadable PDF above. The video is located at the top of this page. Please note that the red dots or the chapter listing in the control bar of the video will show you the different topics covered throughout the live webinar if you would like to jump to a specific topic. I would recommend watch the entire video in its entirety first.

b. For your reference here is the full PowerPoint Presentation that is used in the webinar recording above:

Kid Entrepreneur 101 Webinar Deck

3. The final step is to send me feedback on how the project went with you and your child/children. We’ve already heard about some amazing success and feedback such as 10 year old Alexia who started and who attended the live webinar with her proud mom. See below!

This unit should be a lot of fun. It will be exciting to see what ideas our kids come up with. I would love to make this unit even better, so I would welcome any and all feedback to do so. My email address is

Best regards,

Saud Juman.

About Saud

Saud has been an entrepreneur all his life. His career has spanned three industries, multiple partnerships, and more recently, a successful exit from a B2B Saas business Saud founded and built over eighteen years. Saud has coached dozens of other entrepreneurs to do similar things. In this stage of his career, he is interested in helping others to do the things that he has accomplished with speed and scale. 

“We regularly need to tap into the “creative well” that fueled our passion to start the business, and I want to help other businesses do so in order to create their most audacious venture,” says Saud.

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